Violent Crimes

A Knowledgeable San Antonio Violent Crimes Attorney on Your Side

Manslaughter and homicide defense lawyers understand the serious issues their clients face

Violent crimes involve a perpetrator using violence or the threat of violence to achieve criminal gains. While any criminal charge is a serious matter, violent crimes tend to be treated more gravely and prosecuted more harshly than others.

Someone who has been charged with a violent crime faces extreme penalties, including incarceration, other serious losses to their rights, privileges and liberties, and fines. If you face such charges, immediately contact an experienced violent crimes lawyer in the jurisdiction where you have been charged. San Antonio law firm Joseph P. Appelt, P.C. can help.

Types of violent crimes

Most violent crimes are prosecuted as felonies, and they can carry the potential for incarceration of at least a year. Assault and other charges may be prosecuted as misdemeanors under certain circumstances, but the penalties are still severe. Violent crimes charges should be handled by a criminal lawyer. The San Antonio firm of Joseph P. Appelt handles the following cases:

  • Homicide
    • First-degree murder
    • Second-degree murder
    • Manslaughter
  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Battery
  • Sexual battery
  • Domestic violence
  • Rape

How a violent crimes attorney can help

If you face a violent crime charge in any jurisdiction, your best chance at clearing your name is retaining a seasoned lawyer who understands the nature of the violent crime with which you have been charged. If you are charged with homicide, you need an experienced homicide attorney.

The many ways in which your homicide, manslaughter or violent crimes lawyer can help you include the following:

  • Managing your arraignment, bail hearing or any other pretrial motion to obtain the best possible outcome
  • Scrutinizing every detail of your arrest and the investigation that led up to your arrest to find flaws that can lead to an exoneration or reduction of your charges
  • Advising you in every step of the process and ensuring that every decision regarding your defense is made with full knowledge of the potential outcomes and your best interests in mind

Contact a violent crimes lawyer in San Antonio before it is too late

Homicide, manslaughter and other violent crimes carry the most severe penalties in the American judicial system. Joseph P. Appelt, P.C. in San Antonio understands how these charges are prosecuted and can help you build the strongest possible defense for your specific case. Contact us today online or at [ln::phone]. We offer easily accessible offices and accept all major credit cards. Se habla espanol.

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