Bail Bonds

A Criminal Defense Attorney Familiar with the Texas Bail Bonds Process

Helping clients remain free pending their court date

Someone facing a criminal charge in Texas needs time and resources to work with an attorney on their defense — all while trying to keep their day-to-day life running smoothly. These tasks are more easily accomplished outside of a jail cell than inside one. Joseph P. Appelt, P.C. can provide a San Antonio attorney who understands the bail bonds process. We can help clients navigate the bail bonds services and stay out of jail pending their court dates. We offer bail bonds services for clients charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses, including drug crimes, DUI and domestic violence.

Aggressively defending clients throughout the bail bond process

One of the first actions an experienced criminal lawyer can take on your behalf is ensuring that the court sets bond in the first place. If the court has not done so, an experienced bail bonds attorney can seek a writ of habeas corpus to authorize courts to release you. And when arrests occur on a weekend, your bail bonds lawyer can move the process along before regular court hours resume on Monday.

After a bond is set, your attorney can inform you if the amount of your bond is consistent with your charges, your criminal history and your risk of flight. If it is not, they can petition the court to reduce the amount of your bond.

Procuring additional professionals when necessary

Once your final and fair bond is set, getting out of jail pending your court date is simply a matter of paying the full amount to the holding agency. But sometimes you do not have access to sufficient funds to do this, even with a credit card.

In this case, your bail bonds attorney should direct you to a professional bail bondsman who, for an additional fee, pays your bond once you pay a percentage of the full amount. An experienced San Antonio bail bonds lawyer can direct you to several reputable bail bondsmen in Bexar County.

Reach out to a San Antonio bail bonds lawyer for yourself or on behalf of a loved one

Fighting for fair bond when facing criminal charges is a matter best handled by professionals. In San Antonio, Joseph P. Appelt, P.C. can help you or a loved one through every step of the bonds process. We offer free consultations and accept all major credit cards. Contact us online or at [ln::phone] today. Se habla espanol.

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