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Helping clients across Bexar County with a variety of legal issues for nearly two decades

Since founding his legal practice in 1994, Joseph P. Appelt has helped clients in the San Antonio area handle legal civil and criminal legal issues numbering in the thousands. Whether you face a divorce, DUI, estate planning matter or any of a variety of legal issues, Joseph P. Appelt, P.C. can help.

Family law

Family law matters are among the most emotionally trying legal issues anyone can face. Joseph P. Appelt, P.C. brings compassion and significant experience to the table to resolve the following legal matters:

  • Divorces. Joseph P. Appelt understands the divorce procedures in the State of Texas and can advise you about the unique details of your situation.
  • Property division. Divorcing or separating couples face complicated questions about dividing marital property in a fair and equitable fashion.
  • Alimony. Spousal support disagreements can be among the most contentious issues raised during a separation or divorce.
  • Child custody, child support and child visitation are all highly emotional decisions many divorcing or separating parents must face.
  • Post-decree modifications. Divorce agreements are made at a specific point in time and may not mesh with reality at a future date. If the agreements do not serve the needs of the former spouses in the future, they may be modified under certain circumstances.
  • Enforcements. Sometimes court enforcements are the only way to convince your ex-spouse to live up to the terms of your legally binding decree.
  • Military family issues and law enforcement and fire personnel divorces. Soldiers and other government employees face specific laws and issues, especially regarding residency, when filing for divorce.
  • Grandparent rights. Grandparents often have the legal right of access to their grandchildren following a divorce.
  • Paternity. The legitimate paternity of a child may be called into question in several family law matters.
  • Adoptions and terminations. Adoption and termination of adoption are complicated legal actions requiring precise care in the practice of family law.
  • Prenuptial agreements. Some couples wish to guard against future difficulties before marriage. Joseph P. Appelt can help you draft your prenuptial agreement and related documents.
  • Protective orders and restraining orders. When your physical safety is in question due to an ex-spouse or any family member, Joseph P. Appelt knows the protocols of legal orders of protection and can make you feel safe again.

If you or a loved one faces any family law matter in the San Antonio area, contact a reputable lawyer at Joseph P. Appelt today.


Driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated (DUI/DWI) are among the most vigorously prosecuted criminal offenses in Texas. When you find yourself up against such charges, you need the experienced, tenacious legal counsel provided by Joseph P. Appelt to defend your rights.

Criminal defense

Unlike civil actions brought by private citizens, criminal charges are brought by the state and are prosecuted by district attorneys with the full resources of the city and state at their disposal. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney if you have any hope of fighting such charges. An attorney at our firm can help you if you have been charged with any of the following:

We can also help with expungements, sealing records and juvenile law matters.

Wills, estates and general civil matters

Our law firm can put considerable legal experience to work for you in bail bondsestate management, wealth preservation and civil litigation matters.

Consult a trustworthy attorney with the knowledge to help you through numerous legal issues

Joseph P. Appelt, P.C. can help with almost any legal issue in the San Antonio area and other parts of Bexar County. Contact us online or at [ln::phone] to arrange a free consultation regarding your case. Our office features convenient parking and flexible hours, and we accept all major credit cards. Se habla espanol.

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