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Divorce is complicated enough for civilians. When you or your spouse serves in the military or is a veteran, additional issues often arise. Military service can lead to complex questions of residency, which can complicate the determination of which state laws govern your divorce. And there may be additional questions regarding division of military retirement benefits among divorcing spouses.

If you or someone you love requires the services of a military family law lawyer in San Antonio or elsewhere in Bexar County, do not delay. Contact Joseph P. Appelt as soon as possible. With our nearly 20 years of experience, the firm can educate you about your rights and guide you through the divorce process.

Considerations unique to a military divorce

Every divorce is unique, but military divorces carry numerous extra considerations. The only way to determine for certain which of these considerations apply to you is to consult a knowledgeable military divorce attorney, but the most common questions include:

  • How do normal questions of retirement distribution change in a military divorce?
  • To what extent are the children of the marriage entitled to the military benefits of their parent?
  • How are support payments impacted by the fact that a parent serving overseas pays no taxes?
  • What state laws apply to a divorce when a service member is involved?
  • How does custody and child visitation work when one of the parents is a deployed service member?
  • How does the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act impact a military divorce?

As a knowledgeable family law and military divorce attorney practicing in San Antonio, Joseph P. Appelt has nearly 20 years of experience answering questions like these for divorcing spouses. Our firm can help you with military retirement and divorce issues, among others.

Calculating retirement in a military divorce

Retirement benefits is often the most complicated issue in a military divorce. Many service members believe that if they divorce and their marriages lasted less than 10 years, their ex-spouses are not entitled to any part of their retirement benefits.

The reality, though, is that the extent to which your ex-spouse is entitled to your military benefits depends largely on the state whose laws apply to your divorce. For example, in Texas, contributions to a military retirement plan are considered community property, as they are indirect compensation from the federal government. Also, the requirement that a marriage last at least 10 years applies to how your former spouse may receive a portion of the retirement benefit, not to entitlement to those benefits.

Every military divorce is unique. Experienced military divorce attorney Joseph P. Appelt in San Antonio is qualified to advise you regarding your particular military situation.

When you need a military family law attorney, you need Joseph P. Appelt

San Antonio lawyer Joseph P. Appelt has spent nearly 20 years helping divorcing military and civilian spouses. If you or someone you love has any questions regarding family law or a potential family court dispute, contact us today online or at [ln::phone]. We offer free initial consultations, convenient parking and flexible hours, and we accept all major credit cards. Se habla espanol.

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