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Texas courts recognize how essential it is for children to maintain a relationship with both parents following a divorce, as long as the maintenance of that relationship does not place the child in any danger. Even if the parents’ relationship is no longer friendly, or even on speaking terms, each should have every reasonable right under the law to maintain a parental relationship.

As a reputable San Antonio child visitation attorney with nearly two decades of experience, Joseph P. Appelt understands how to analyze your situation, determine which solution is in the best interests of your children and build a legal strategy to obtain that end. Our firm is also experienced in the highly specialized field of grandparents’ rights.

Paternity requirements and child visitation rights in Texas

Texas grants parental visitation to the legal mother and father of a child. The state easily identifies the legal mother when the child is born, and the legal father is identified as the man who is married to the mother at the time of the birth.

If an unmarried biological father wants to establish parental rights, he must first legally establish paternity. He can accomplish this either by having the mother sign an acknowledgment of paternity or via a court order and paternity lawsuit. But if he fails to take action within 31 days of the child’s birth, he could lose his parental rights permanently if the baby is adopted. A San Antonio lawyer can guide you throughout either path to securing your legal paternity.

Child custody, possession orders and visitation orders

When representing couples with children, San Antonio divorce attorney Joseph P. Appelt takes into consideration that the courts make custody and visitation orders an element of the divorce decree. For unmarried parents, these determinations are made as part of the paternity decree or another family lawsuit according to the best interests of the child as governed by the Texas Family Code. It is important to have a knowledgeable visitation attorney by your side. Call us before your spouse does.

As a reputable, experienced San Antonio child visitation attorney, Joseph P. Appelt can help you understand the Texas Family Code and how it applies to your family. Together, we can develop a legal strategy to make the most compelling argument possible regarding your visitation rights.

When you need a San Antonio child visitation lawyer in your corner, contact Joseph P. Appelt

Joseph P. Appelt, P.C. brings decades of experience to the table for the parents we represent in child visitation cases. Contact our law firm today online or at [ln::phone] to arrange a free consultation. We offer flexible hours and accept all major credit cards. Se habla espanol.

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