Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel Divorce

An Attorney Who Addresses Special Considerations Regarding Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel Divorces

Public servant pensions can complicate family law proceedings

Police officers and firefighters spend their professional lives defending the rights and protecting the lives of others. When these public officials face a divorce, part of their compensation for that life of service — their pensions — can be front and center in the discussion about how marital community assets are to be divided.

If you or someone you love faces this issue in divorce, contact San Antonio family law attorney Joseph P. Appelt, who has nearly two decades of experience.

Is a police or fire pension divisible in a divorce?

It is important to understand that police and fire pension benefits accrued during your marriage are almost always considered community property for the purposes of a divorce and may be divided between the spouses.

Retirement benefits that accrued while you were not married, however, are not considered community property and are awarded solely to the police officer or firefighter.

Spouses can come to other agreements

While state law provides means and formulas by which to divide community property such as police and firefighter pensions, the spouses involved in the divorce retain the right to come to their own agreements regarding such issues. Some couples are perfectly happy to leave pension benefits off the table when it comes to property division. This is common in brief marriages and when the public servant is many years away from retirement. With the help of an experienced family law attorney, you and your spouse may be able to agree to your own plan for division of the community property.

Reputable family lawyer Joseph P. Appelt can help you examine your case, negotiate with your spouse and come to an agreement that suits both parties.

Contact a San Antonio family law attorney who can handle your case

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