A Divorce Enforcement Attorney Can Protect Your Legal Rights

A reputable San Antonio lawyer upholding the court’s decree

In a perfect world, there would be no need for divorce enforcement lawyers. Everyone would simply follow the letter of their post-divorce decree without hesitation or complaint, and the decisions of the court would require no follow-up or supervision.

This is not a perfect world. And when an ex-spouse refuses to live up to the terms of court-issued divorce decrees, a former partner may have no recourse but to seek the services of a divorce enforcement lawyer. Joseph P. Appelt has nearly 20 years of experience handling such cases in the San Antonio area of Texas.

When do I need to contact a divorce enforcement attorney?

As a reputable and knowledgeable San Antonio family law attorney, Joseph P. Appelt understands that numerous scenarios require the services of a divorce enforcement lawyer, including the following:

  • One parent refuses to allow the other parent access to the child according to the ordered visitation schedule.
  • One parent fails to pay the full amount of child support or spousal support owed under the existing arrangement.
  • Following a visit, a non-custodial parent refuses to relinquish custody of the child.
  • A custodial parent moves a significant distance without securing the approval of the non-custodial parent.

When child support issues or any of the above situations occur, an experienced divorce enforcement lawyer can help you fight to enforce the terms of your original court decree. This does not always require a trial.  Other forms of dispute resolution, such as mediation, are often effective.

What options exist besides going to trial?

Many times, all parties involved in the dispute are eager to avoid court. During his nearly 20 years as a San Antonio family lawyer, Joseph P. Appelt has gotten divorce enforcements resolved without confrontation by applying the following methods of dispute resolution:

  • Through mediation, the parties sit down with a neutral third party and come to an agreement regarding how the divorce decree can be honored. The mediator does not take sides and ensures that all questions are thoroughly answered and that everyone proceeds from the same knowledge base.
  • In a collaborative family law scenario, the parties agree at the outset to work together to reach a decision that suits all parties. Lawyers represent both spouses and commit to finding a solution without the need for litigation.
  • If these nonconfrontational options fail, a divorce enforcement attorney can file a petition for enforcement and contempt on your behalf.

Consult with a San Antonio divorce enforcement lawyer who can protect your rights

San Antonio family attorney Joseph P. Appelt brings nearly two decades of experience to the table. If you or someone you love faces an issue requiring divorce enforcement, contact our offices today online or at [ln::phone] to arrange a free consultation. We offer flexible hours and accept all major credit cards. Se habla espanol.

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