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Considerations for Drafting Your Will

Drafting a will can be a complex and daunting task for most people and, because of that, most people put it off for years. Your wills and estates attorney can help guide you through the process with ease, but here is a primer on items you should be thinking about before drafting your will:

  • Name the people who will inherit your property — Most people choose their spouse and children to inherit property, but if you have neither, name other family members or friends. You should also choose an alternate beneficiary in case your first choice doesn’t survive you.

  • Name property — Your lawyer can help you decide which property to include in your will and what items to leave out because some assets, like life insurance and retirement accounts, transfer outside of your will. But you should start compiling a list of all of your major assets.

  • Name an executor — Start thinking of someone who could serve as executor to carry out the terms of your will. Talk to this person ahead of time to make sure they are willing to serve in this capacity.

  • Name a guardian for your children — If you have minor children, start thinking of a guardian and alternate guardian who could step in and raise your children in the event that something happens to both you and your spouse. Make sure that these people are willing to take on this very important role.

Once you’ve made these decisions, your trusted San Antonio wills and estates attorney can help you finalize your will and make sure that it complies with Texas law.